2015 Farmer of the Year
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Awards - Outstanding Farmer of the Year Award
The late Steve Elliott, from Ohio Chapter #2, was recognized as the 2015 OCIA R&E Outstanding Organic Farmer of the Year.  OCIA certified since 1994, Steve practiced no-till farming and had a crop rotation that included soybeans (both food and feed grade), corn, sunflowers, clover, alfalfa, buckwheat, spelt, oats, wheat and chickpeas.  Steve also operated a cleaning plant that cleaned organic grain for several farmers.

According to Ben Bender, fellow Ohio chapter member, "Steve had a vast knowledge of what to do for cover crops, weed control, how to cultivate, and what's approved or disapproved for organic farming.  But I don't think his best quality was just his knowledge of farming, it was also his willingness to take time and help a fellow farmer with the many questions about different techniques."

Steve served on OCIA International's Board of Directors, Promotions Committee, Bylaws Committee, and several others throughout the years.  He was President of the Ohio Farmers Union in Marion County and Secretary/Treasurer of his local, OCIA Ohio Chapter #2.  

"He was one of a kind.  His shoes will be hard to fill.  As a fellow farmer said, we have lost a giant in the organic farming community,"  Ben Bender said. 
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