The OCIA R&E Crop Improvement Committee has created a mentorship program to help the new or current farmer learn more about organic farming practices. This complimentary initiative will pair up any individual who is interested in learning greater knowledge, and possibly hands-on experience, with an OCIA certified organic farmer in their area, where available. OCIA is a not-for-profit organic certification agency that has offered a wide variety of accreditations to producers and processers located in the United States, Canada and Latin America, for over 25 years.


Mentees interested in this program must complete an application, which are accepted year-round. Applications help us to determine your location, number of years you have farmed (if any), types of crops/livestock, organic interests and current organic knowledge. Mentees do not need to be OCIA certified. Mentees involved in this program will receive free admittance into Crop Improvement workshops during the OCIA Annual Meeting. Mentees must also be willing to follow the expectations listed below:


*Contact the mentor by phone or email to discuss farming issues.

* Invite the mentor to visit my farm at least twice during the year.

*Complete a final evaluation form. 


Mentors involved in this program must be OCIA certified organic and willing to answer questions from mentees about their organic farming practices. Travel expenses for the mentor will be reimbursed, once a travel expense report has been submitted and approved by the OCIA R&E Board of Directors.


Farmers interested in participating as mentees or mentors, in this complimentary initiative, should contact Angie Tunink by phone at 402-477-2323 Ext. 320 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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